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31 Day Mind-Body Challenge


This is a 31 Day Mind-Body Challenge starting May 1, 2020.

I believe we're in a time where we need to take care of our health more than ever. 

Many of us are stuck at home for the first time in years, our gyms are closed, and we're feeling anxious and stressed.

Now more than ever we need to be exercising and moving and connecting and managing our stress. All of these will help keep us healthy and our immune system strong. Since most of us have been staying home just about around the clock we need connection more than ever. We're craving it.

The 31 Day Mind-Body Fitness Challenge will give you all of this - exercise, stress relief, gratitude, movement, support, accountability and connection.

It will be all things that you can do at home. It won't take much of your time either. For example the workouts will be between 10-15 minutes long. I know many of you don't have a lot of time, for the parents whose kids are home AND the caretakers and people who are still working long hours on the job. 

Unlike my other coaching programs and challenges, the goal isn't to lose weight or look good for pictures. This is all about longevity and staying healthy during a crisis.


*** Daily 10-15 Minute Fat Burning Workout (Monday through Saturday)

*** A daily tip to help with stress and anxiety

*** A daily gratitude thought or quote to help you remain positive

*** A Facebook group to stay supported and accountable.

*** Daily FB Lives where you can celebrate your wins for the day.

*** Other FB Lives with abs workouts, mobility breaks and meditation

This will all be done through text or an app so everything will come on your phone, I want you to feel like I'm with you every step of the way, and that I'm your coach that you can count on any time you need anything. There will also be a Facebook group.


I am using a "Pay What You Want" model. That means just name a fair price and you're in the 31 Day Challenge. 

I would give it away for free but as an entrepreneur, these are challenging times. Small businesses are at a crossroads, and I just feel grateful that I can provide something to you that will help all of us. I'm setting the minimum amount to join the challenge at $25. That's less than a buck a day.

See you there!

- Scott Colby

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31 Day Mind-Body Challenge

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