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Memorial Day Meltdown - 5 Week Fit For Photos Express


This is our 5 Week Fit For Photos Express Transformation Program starting on Memorial Day - May 30, 2022

Here is an outline of everything you’ll be getting over the next 5 weeks..

* 5 weeks of fat burning workouts - all new! I'll provide 2 workout paths - one if you want short, quick workouts for those that are time crunched; the other path is if you have more time and want to push through with longer workouts.

* Meal plan with nutrition guidelines (you can also build one habit at a time, if you'd like to do that instead).

* Daily accountability through our Facebook support group, an app (optional) and logging (optional)

* Weekly habits to work on to help you make sustainable changes after the 5 weeks is over.

* Facebook support group

Something that we will be doing throughout the 5 weeks is introducing small, sustainable habit changes. Each week we will build on these, with the goal of creating habits that you can use after the 5 weeks is up. We did this in the last 9 week program and it worked well.


I am using a "Pay What You Want" model. That means just name a fair price and you're in the coaching program. I don't want money to be the reason you don't join the challenge because I feel it's important to help as many people as possible.

In the past, I've charged $299 for new members for the 5 week Fit For Photos program and $199 for returnees, so I'm setting a minimum of $49. But name a fair price and you're in!

See you there!

- Scott Colby

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Memorial Day Meltdown - 5 Week Fit For Photos Express

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