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Fit For Photos Holiday - 2019 Edition

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Read on for the details....

If you've been looking for a plan where you can shed some fat but in a less strict way than the normal FFP program, and have fun doing it while winning prizes, you'll love this!

Here are the details (there isn't a special webpage for it, so just read below).


1) It's for Warriors and Newbies. So if you know someone interested, please share with them.

2) Dates: Thanksgiving - Christmas Eve. 27 Days!

3) We will start with a reward meal on Thanksgiving Day (but you'll need to earn it with a workout).

4) We'll do a steps challenge on Thanksgiving Day with a chance to win a prize!

5) Here's where it gets fun! There won't always be formal workouts to do or a meal plan to follow. We will focus on having 1 WIN each day. AND there will be a daily movement challenge.

So we will have daily challenges where you'll goal is to complete the challenge. It might be completing a circuit, walking 10,000 steps, meditating, expressing gratitude, drinking 80 oz of water, etc. For every day you check in and complete the daily win, you'll earn a "raffle ticket." I'll be raffling off prizes randomly throughout the program! The more you check in, the better chance you have to win!

6) We will also have weekly challenges where you're goal is to complete something for an entire week. It might be eating breakfast, doing 100 push ups every day, or cutting out processed sugar.

7) My goal is for you to have fun! Win some prizes. And stay healthy over the holidays! And to be engaged the entire time!

8 ) Support partners are optional, but a great way for extra accountability!

9) A willingness to get a pedometer or download a pedometer app on your phone. You may be asked to track steps on some days. THIS IS OPTIONAL.

10) Includes a private FB support group.

11) No photo shoot necessary.

NOTE! The circuits for FFP Holiday will be brand new. But again there won't be a formal workout program given for the 27 days, but rather circuits on random days that will be part of the daily challenge.

I want everyone to have fun and be engaged!

I'm really looking forward to the Holiday program. Some of the most fun we've had in FFP are the holiday rounds, and with this year's format, it should be a lot of fun!


I am using a "Pay What You Want" model. That means just name a fair price  and you're in the coaching program. I don't want money to be the reason you don't join the challenge because I feel it's important to help as many people as possible.

I normally charge $89 for FFP Holiday so I'm setting a minimum of $20.  But name a fair price and you're in!

See you there and Happy Holidays!

- Scott Colby

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Fit For Photos Holiday - 2019 Edition

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